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 Broadly, this means audio – whether it be recording from scratch, mixing or editing, we offer a range of services. For instance, any music preparation projects (see page) can be taken to the next level and turned in to finished recordings using any combination of live musicians, high quality samples and midi programming. This can start with a simple demo to help you or your clients assess the project and be developed in to full-blown album projects, backing tracks or production ‘click-tracks’ which are designed to integrate with live performers.



We are happy to take on studio projects where all we need is a brief and a budget; you can be as involved as you want to be or just leave it to us.

Audio projects have included:

~ adding a simple vocal to an existing track

~ adding a ‘horn’ section or string ensemble to album tracks

~ custom backing tracks

~ fully produced audio accompaniment (combined track/live) for theatre/cabaret/cruise ships which can include band arrangements, artist rehearsal/coaching and full musical supervision

We can also help you with album projects, singles or demos.

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Voice overs

Narration, eLearning, Audio books and more.

Developing your work

song, writing, arranging and finished tracks


ideas and solutions.

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