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Music Preparation Services

Rob Willis has established a reputation high standards of music preparation which started during his days as a copyist BC (before computers!). He was able to study both the arranging and copying at close quarters and still carries those principles forward today.

Music Preparation – Copying – (engraving) Publishing standard, printer ready music, meticulously prepared with Sibelius software. From a simple lead-sheet to a full-scale musical.

Transposition РThis is usually a very straightforward process but music has to be inputted first and so costs are involved. With every piece, great care is taken to ensure that all transpositions result in appropriate parts for all the instruments involved.

Transcription – Even if you have no printed music or even a manuscript but need to produce a score, piano or orchestral parts, don’t worry! As long as we have an audio reference, (CD, mp3 or even a cassette!) we can produce high quality material and continue with any of the other preparation services.

Orchestration – We can turn your piano or short score (or demo track) in to a full orchestral (or other ensemble) score.

Arranging – Taking your material, whether it’s an idea for a song or sketches for a symphony, organising and orchestrating it.

Realisation – Figured bass parts, chord charts, sketches or recorded demos/ideas can all be turned in to fully notated piano parts for performance or recording.

Composition – Original music for film, TV, stage or concert hall.

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